Mr. Sandberg's Music Home Page 2017-2018

  I am a Classroom Music Teacher servicing Crestview Elementary and Nuevas Frontiers Spanish Immersion School. I have been a music teacher in District #833 since 1999. When I am not teaching, I am also a professional Classical singer  and a published composer of choir music. I also enjoy collecting and playing string folk instruments  such as Irish tenor banjo, mandolin, bouzouki and mountain dulcimer. My hobbies include bike riding, bird watching, kayaking, and spending time with my two adult children and wife, Sandy. 



                  Beginning  February, grades 4 and 5 will begin studying recorders!  The school  owns enough recorders for each child to use, so it is not required that you buy one; if your child owns one, though, I encourage them to use them in this unit.  The school recorders can be taken home for practicing, but must be returned at the end of the recorder unit.


For those who do not own a recorder and wish to buy one, I am giving you that opportunity. You can send $5 (cash only) in an envelope with your child’s name, grade and teacher on it to me and I will purchase a recorder for them. Money must be in by Friday, January 26, and I will call in the order.


Recorders are available in three translucent colors; blue, green, pink, or a solid white so please specify which color you want on the envelope.


                  Due to health and contamination risks, I cannot allow recorder sharing of any kind (even between siblings,) and ALL recorders must have a case. This case can be a gallon zip-lock bag, a tube sock, or any type of protection against it touching other recorders when stored.


                  Any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me


*Nuevas Fronteras Choir rehearsal is cancelled on Thursday, Feb 15 because of CONFERENCES!


We will have two concerts this year:

Thursday, December 14, 2017 7:00 in the gymnasium

Thursday, March 15, 2018 7:00 in the gymnasium

Choir Members' Learning Corner:

Something to Sing About revised.docx

SHADES revised.doc


How Beautiful is the Rain

How Beautiful revised.doc

Why Tell a Lie?