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English 12A assignment descriptions and tests/quizzes: Check for the date of class that you might have missed/or needed more information on:

September 5:

This was the first day of class for year 2018-2019. Students were given handouts on the curriculum for English 12 A and a Rules and Procedures sheet. Beginning tomorrow, we will be starting with Introduction speeches. Look in Access course materials here: at the top of this page for the One Minute Speech set of directions.

September 7

We continued speeches this day and checked to see that student books were covered. Due Monday would be a supplies check. See the Rules and Procedures sheet for the supplies listed at the top of the page. We also will be checking the Anglo-Saxon historical study guide. 

September 11:

1. We checked to see if each student had the supplies needed for class:

a. Blue or black ink pen
b. Looseleaf paper
c. # 2 pencil
d.  3 X 5 inch and 4 X 6 inch notecards
e. A small 3 ring binder with pockets or a notebook with folder

   This was a 5 point check grade.

2. All students need to start writing with blue or black ink and using looseleaf paper on assignments.

3. We talked about the research topic and sides in preparation for selecting one tomorrow or at the early sign up.

4. Mr. Racine started talking about due dates for research assignments, and which assignments were required.

September 12:

Students received their blue passes for trimester 1 in Hours 3 and 4. 5 will get them once we are together for a full class period. 

Time was spent on explaining the research topic and side, and students signed up for their topic and side in class. No more than one person per topic and side will be allowed. 

The Beowulf study guide was handed out and students were assigned page 1 for completion by next Wednesday, 9-19-18. Hour 5 will get caught up by next Wednesday on both Beowulf and the Research study guide materials.   

September 13:

Students listened to a counselor presentation on what seniors should know and do during their last year of high school. 

September 14:

Embedded Heath covered the new Schoology grade program now used at Woodbury H. S. 

September 17 (Monday)

We did research in the library today. Mr. Peters showed us how to get to data bases, and where to find books or Taking Sides reference materials in the library. Reference materials can be checked out of the media center. Students were asked to take a print copy of data base passwords and user names, available on the larger desk in the media green room. Those passwords and user names make it easy to research from home. Some students decided to change their topic and side. 

September 24 (Monday)

1. Students submitted their 5 required Source Cards today, 1 of them was a non internet source. 
2. Continuing to work on Beowulf, students discussed one of the sections of the epic poem that had been assigned for that hour. We used the study guide questions for that discussion. 
3. Assigned for next Monday, October 1, would be the required assignment of 20 Evidence Cards. 

September 25 (Tuesday)

We did a textbook check today worth 5 points. If the book was here and covered, the student got the full set of points.

Hours 3 and 5 discussed the section entitled, "Beowulf" by using Study Guide questions. Then the classes started reading, "The Battle with Grendal" starting on p. 40 in the textbook. The classes were asked to finish the section and complete the Study Guide questions for it.

Hour 4: 

We watched a professional story teller tell the story of, "The Battle with Grendal" and the 2007 movie with the same section of the story to tell. The class started discussing the Study Guide questions for the section and will continue the discussion tomorrow. There is no additional assignment.

Both groups should be working on their evidence cards (20), which will be turned in next Monday (10/1/18).

September 26 (Wednesday)

We started with the first daily quotation on the white board. Each day we will start class with the quote of the day. Each month, students will turn in 5 quotations with 3 numbered sentences of explanation for each quote included. Our first turn in will cover the months of September and October. 

Secondly, we took a quiz on kennings, stock epithets and examples of alliterations.

Hours 3 and 5:

1. Viewed the recorded rendition of,"The Battle with Grendal", as performed by a professional story teller, Syd Lieberman. 
2. Hour 5 saw a clip from the 2007 movie, Grendal. It covered Grendal's first attack on Herot.
3. Both groups will see Grendal's attack on Beowulf in the Dane's mead hall, Herot, tomorrow. 

Hour 4:

1. We read in the text, beginning on p. 45, the section called "Grendal's Mother".
2. The questions in the study guide for that part of the story were assigned for completion by tomorrow. 

September 27 (Thursday)

Hour 3: 

We finished the Beowulf video on, "The Battle with Grendel". No additional assignment.

Hour 4:

We read, "The Battle with Grendel's Mother". The study guide questions for that section were assigned for discussion tomorrow. 

Hour 5: 
Students watched, "The Battle with Grendel'" on video. Previously we had discussed the study guide questions for that section of the epic poem. Started reading, "Grendel" in the textbook. Mr. Racine assigned the rest of the section to read and also the study guide questions that matched up with that, to be ready for discussion tomorrow. 

September 28 (Friday)

Today we continued with reading and discussing Beowulf. Don't forget that your 20 Evidence cards are due Monday. 

Hour 3: 

Assigned the Study Guide questions for "Grendel's Mother" and the "Battle with Grendel's Mother".

Hour 4:

We read the remainder of the Beowulf story. The remaining study guide questions were assigned.

Hour 5:

Assigned study guide questions for "The Battle with Grendel's Mother".

October 1 (Monday)

All classes began working on a discussion of the study guide questions that fit the part of the Beowulf story that had been assigned on Friday. No additional Beowulf chapters were assigned. 

We started working on the Thesis Statement and Outline assignment due October 8.
Students are expected to write their own Thesis Statement for tomorrow. Start with the opposing viewpoint, then write the side you want to argue.

October 2 (Tuesday)

We have finished the story of Beowulf in all classes. Hours 3 & 5 has study guide questions to discuss and correct from: "Beowulf's Last Battle" on p. 52 in the text, to the end of the epic poem.  

Looking ahead:

Thursday, October 4 : objective test
Friday, October 5: essay test

October 3 (Wednesday)

The Beowulf objective test is tomorrow, the essay test is Friday. The Study Guide with attached pages will be turned in on Friday. 

Today, all classes copied down the "Characteristics of the Epic", pp. 28-29 in the textbook, with the task of seeing if the characteristics matched up with this epic poem. The place to write them was after the vocabulary in the additional sheets of looseleaf paper attached to the Study Guide. Students were asked to check the characteristics that matched the Beowulf poem. Knowing the characteristics would help students on the final examination. 

Hours 3 & 5:

Students discussed and corrected the study guide questions that fit with, "Beowulf's Last Battle", through the remaining questions to the end of the poem. 

Hour 6:

Students this hour watched the remaining part of the Beowulf movie.

October 4 (Thursday)

All classes took the Beowulf multiple choice final examination today. Tomorrow, we will turn in the Beowulf Study Guide with extra pages (3) and take the essay test.

October 5 (Friday)

All English 12 classes took the Beowulf essay test. Reminder that the thesis statement and preliminary outline is due on Monday. 

October 8 (Monday)

We started class with the first, "What is my Ghost Story I.Q. story? Students listened to the first part of the story, then had to write their 2 paragraph or more ending. In addition, students finished by writing a creative title that captured the ending they wrote. 

In all classes, the Preliminary Thesis and Annotated Outline was collected. This was a required assignment. The Required Rough Draft was assigned for Wednesday, October 17. 

Students have to prepare a 3 - 5 minute story for Friday of this week. Volunteers will go first. On Monday, all students must be ready to orally present their story.  

October 11 (Thursday)

We spent time going over how to format Evidence cards. Remember tomorrow, we will begin telling our individual 3-5 minute stories, worth 50 points. This is a required assignment. As we have all week, we had a story starter, from the unit, What is My Ghost Story I.Q.. Today's story was number three. With each story students used 2 or more paragraphs to finish the story in their own way. Then, students would use a creative title that would capture what happened. 

October 12 (Friday)

Students finished, "What is My Ghost Story I.Q." story # 4 today, and turned in there 4 story endings, 2 paragraphs each minimum, with creative title. 

Using volunteers, we began to tell our 3 - 5 minute stories. Everyone needs to be ready to tell their story Monday. 

October 15 (Monday)

All Preliminary Thesis/Outline assignments have been returned to students that submitted them. We told student stories today. 

Remember that the Rough Draft is due on Wednesday, October 17

October 17 (Wednesday)

Mr. Racine collected the rough drafts today (cover sheet, essay, works cited page, revised thesis/outline). For the remainder of the class period students told stories, and Mr. R. told the story, "The girl in the ditch".