Welcome to 8th Grade Language Arts with Mr. Peulen!


We repeat the tasks of trimester one and two, with new material, with the goal of becoming better yet at reading, writing, speaking and listening.

3/14 - Work day to prep for Wednesday's JGB discussion (and other work that we have  Thursday, Friday and next Monday)
3/15 - JGB Discussion on Tiananmen Square
3/16 - Turn in and use our WTW review assignments.  WTW test.
3/17 - POET-TEES!!!!!!!!!

3/20 - Parodies due officially.  MCA III prep day.
Homework -

Please always expect to have homework for language arts.  We are building in ourselves life long readers.  Parents, any help in allowing us to build this attribute is greatly appreciated.  You can do this in many different ways.  Read with your student.  Give them time to read.  Give them a place to read.  Take them to the bookstore.  Take them to the library.  Show them a good example by reading a book yourself.  Create a Goodreads account and interact with your son or daughter.  Thank you for the teamwork and the support throughout the year.

Homework -

Homework -

Essential Questions -