Mr. Jung's Website

       Welcome to the website for Mr. Jung's Chemistry and Physical Science classes. Below is information on how to contact if you need to schedule a time to meet during the office hours listed below.

Contact Information

Room #: 2020 (Upper Gold)

Phone: 651.425.2452

Office Hours: 7:40AM-8:20AM and 3:05PM-3:30PM (Pending Staff Meetings)

Class Information and Calendars

       All course materials and the daily calendar of events will be found in our class Schoology pages. For students needing to login to Schoology and access these materials, they should go to the Schoology website below:

District 833 Schoology Website -

Students should use their normal username and password as if they were logging into school computers, then use the code "833" in order to access the Schoology site above.

Parents looking to access Schoology can use the links below for more information: