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Welcome to my math class! I teach 2 sections of 7th grade Pre-Algebra and 2 sections of Math 6. You will find class-specific information such as links to my videos, homework assignments, etc. on the left side of this page. The class calendar, syllabus, and other general information are below.


All Students Can Learn…Believe In Yourself…You Can Do It!


*  Be READY…


* Be SAFE…


Contact Information

Please don't hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

    Phone: (651)-425-6706


Class Calendar

Pre-Algebra and Algebra w/Stats Assignments

Class Syllabus


    1) Be respectful to yourself and others at all times, including when working in groups.

    2) Come to class prepared with all necessary materials every day (binder with paper, pouch with pencils and pens, Cornell notes, completed assignments, reading book). 

    3) Put forth your best effort each day. This includes asking questions, turning in quality work, and being engaged during instruction and activities. 

    4) Be on time to class (in your seat when the bell rings).

    5) Take ownership of your learning. It is your responsibility to make choices that will positively impact your future. 

    6) Put forth your best effort.


I expect that you will choose to be responsible young adults. If you choose to behave irresponsibly, the following will occur:

    1) Reminder

    2) Relocation (move seats, etc.) and parent contact

    3) Lunch Detention and/or Referral to office, parent contact

    4) Referral to office


You must be in your assigned seat when class starts or you will be marked tardy and the following will occur:

    1st Tardy - Warning

    2nd Tardy - Lunch detention and/or Referral and parent contact

    3rd Tardy - Referral and parent contact


In order to leave the classroom, you must have a pass. Passes will only be given during work time, never during instruction unless it is an emergency. Use your passing time wisely :)


    1) Pencil pouch with writing utensils (all work must be done in pencil)

    2) Binder with paper for notes and assignments (one section devoted to math)

    3) Calculator (some are available to borrow during class)

I will do my best to keep track of your tests and assignments, however we are all human and prone to making mistakes :) I suggest you keep all graded assignments/quizzes/tests through at least an entire unit in case I make a mistake.

Daily Work (Notes, Assignments, Quizzes)

It is my expectation that every assignment and activity will be completed to the best of your ability and turned in on time.

    1) Expect daily work. Some days you may have videos/notes to take at home,    and some days you may have an assignment. It is extremely important to keep up, get your notes and assignments done every day, and do your best to keep up when you miss class.

    2) Be sure to set aside a minimum of 10-15 minutes every night to work on math.

    3) 20% of your grade is daily work (notes and assignments). Notes taken (only if assigned as homework) will be worth 3 points if completed, 2 points if partially complete, and a minimum of 1.5 points. Assignments will be worth 3 points if completed and mostly correct, 2 points if partially completed or mostly incorrect, and a minimum of 1.5 points.

    4) If you are absent, it is up to you to pursue your missing assignments, quizzes, tests, etc. Assignments should be made up within 2 days for each excused absence. 

Tests and Projects

Tests, quizzes, and projects account for 80% of your total grade. Tests and projects will always be announced ahead of time, but some quizzes may not be. Calculators and formulas will be allowed on most quizzes and tests. We will spend 1-2 days in class reviewing before every test.

Students will be able to retake the test only if students have ALL notes complete and completed ALL assignments. In order to retake a test, students must not only correct the problems they got incorrect, but must also explain why they got it wrong on a separate sheet of paper. Test corrections and retakes must be completed within 1 week of handing back the test and must be scheduled ahead of time to retake outside of class.


    Homework and Quizzes              20%

    Tests and Projects                     80%               

Based on the total accumulated points in each category, letter grades are assigned as follows:

                                87 - 89% = B+     77 - 79% = C+       67 - 69% = D+

    94 - 100% = A      84 - 86% = B        74 - 76% = C         64 - 66% = D

    90 - 93% = A-       80 - 83% = B-      70 - 73% = C-        60 - 63% = D-

I will work as hard as I can to help you learn the material. I will be available for as much individual help as needed. My hours are always posted on the side board, or you can schedule a different time with me that works for you. 

Believe in yourself, work faithfully, pay attention, be positive, be courteous, and please see me for extra help if you don't understand something. Working together, I'm confident we can have a successful year!

- Mr. Eberhardt