Welcome to Mr. Bradley's Google Page

School phone: 651-425-6505

e-mail:  dbradley@sowashco.org

Mr. Bradley directs the bands at Lake Middle School. He also directs the Jazz Ensemble and Summer Bands.

Click on the "Cool links" tab (to to the left) and you will find many fun websites to explore.

On the "Documents" tab (to the left, below "Cool links") you can find these items:

-A&B Day Schedule

- Da Rules

- Belt Song Lists

- Music Theory Tutorial (help master the pitch names)

Band Reference Sheets

-Ten Practice Tips for Students

-Tune Learning Strategies

During the school year: Remember to pick up your instruments at the end of the school day so you can take them home to practice! 

If you need help mastering your assignments, you can come in after school on Tuesdays to work with Mr. Bradley.