Look into Mrs. Youngstrom's Class
                   Cottage Grove Elementary
                          2017-2018 School Year
The Power of YET!
There is a difference between not knowing and not knowing YET!
 What's coming up?  

November 22, 2017:  Field Trip to the CTC for "How the Grinch Stole Christmas"

November 23-24-
Thanksgiving Holiday-No school

 Classroom Information,
Assignments and Reminders:

 "3 Ring Binder" Reminder:
Parents, please do not remove any papers that are in the binder pockets. Those are papers we need for class.
You may keep the Friday Folder papers that go home on Friday.  Thank you! 

EVERY EVENING-Please sign the agenda in the parent signature area. (Your child is responsible for asking you for your signature each day.)

EVERY WEEKEND-Please sign the Friday Folder, Conduct Calendar, and agenda.

TIME FOR KIDS magazine will go home every Friday and will be due back the following Tuesday.


Reading Calendar: Please read according to the blue reading calendar located in the agenda binder. There are reading assignments most evenings.

What about the STARS on the reading calendar?  It is optional to read on the stars, but students that do read on all stars during the month, (with a parent signature) will receive a small treat at the end of the month.

RRJ:Reading Response Journal:  Check for what day your RRJ is due.  It is on the right side of this page.

Students  switch teachers for math and will have either Mrs. Porter, Ms. Downhour, Mrs. Boich or me.  
Students will be writing their daily math assignments in their binders during math class each day, and I will be signing off to ensure that assignments are written. 

   Please check your student's binders for their assignments. Thank you!

  We follow this spelling routine each week.

Mondays:  Words will be written in agendas and the Unit list will be sent home.
Tuesdays:  A Spelling Worksheet (WS) will be assigned and due right away each Wednesday Morning.
Wednesdays:  We will practice the words in class if time allows.  Students should study the words at home for Friday's test.
Thursdays: Students will be given a whiteboard spelling review to prepare for the test.
Fridays:  Final test

**You can find all of the spelling lists for the year at Spelling City on the CGE main web page. 

(with Mrs. Porter)  

  (with Mrs. Youngstrom)

When is my reading journal due?  

(Illinois)Tuesdays:Ava, Addie, Ella, Gaby, Peyton, Brynne, Isaac

(Iowa) Wednesdays: Keng, Adriana, AJ, Giselle, Keegan, Eric, Lydia
Josh, Piper, Bria, Jack, Keydrick, Connor 

(Wisconsin) Fridays:
Kiera, Za, Josh, Koby, Mikaela, Madison 

Daily Schedule-
2017-2018 School Year

8:40-8:45 Attendance/Lunch Count
9:00-10:00 Math
10:00-Reading focus and SNACK
10:20-10:40 First Reading Group Rotation

10:45-11:45 Specialists

Day 1:  Music/Gym
Day 2:Gym/Media/Checkout
Day 3:  ART
Day 4:  Gym/Music
Day 5: Media/Gym

11:50-12:10 Second Reading Group Rotation
12:10-12:40 Writer's Workshop and Agenda Writing
12:45-1:05 RECESS
1:05-1:25 LUNCH
1:25-1:40 Bathroom break & Read Aloud
1:40-1:55 Spelling 
2:00-2:40 Social Studies/Science/Health
2:30-3:00 Intervention
2:40-3:05 Study & Work Time

3:05 Coats & Bags

3:10 Dismissal