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Unit 1 Test Kahoot Review

Hello!  Welcome to Physical Science!  This will be my 11th year teaching at Lake and I very much enjoy teaching 6th graders!  I attended the University of Minnesota and have my Master's Degree from there as well.  I am originally from Wisconsin and loved the area so much I stayed here!  

Important Information (to frequently asked questions):
  1. I post all power points, review sheets and extra assignments under each Unit under the Download categories.  
  2. The online textbook can be accessed by clicking the online textbook link.
  3. Daily assignments/test dates will be posted on the Daily Class Calendar and Daily Planner Link!
  4. Student grades/scores from assignments/tests will be posted on Infinite Campus.  Your individual username and password for this account needs to be obtained from the district.
  5. Students will conduct labs in science class and will be required to sign a lab safety sheet.
  6. The topics of study will be scientific method, metric measurement, atoms, periodic table, states of matter, physical changes, chemical changes, parts of a wave, light, sound, energy transformations, thermal energy transfer, motion and engineering.  
  7. If students are retaking a test/quiz they are required to fill out a retake slip and complete some additional studying. 
  8. The formula for the online science textbook is: 
    • Username: school username + ID number + -18 (no spaces)
    • Password: school password
Contact Information:
Katie Bartholomew
6th Grade Physical Science
Fish House
Phone: 651-425-6558
Room Number: C101

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