Mrs. Hulla's Kindergarten Class Website

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Mrs. Hulla
Room 102
Phone: 651-425-4267


Please take the opportunity to explore reading and math websites located on our "Main" Grey Cloud Elementary Webpage!  Simply click on "Students" located on the top bar and scroll down to click on "Media Websites".  You will then see icons on the right side towards the bottom for reading websites such as "Pebble Go", "Tumble Books", and "Raz Kids".

To find engaging online math games, click on "Students", then scroll down to click on "Virtual Media Center".  Once on the "Virtual Media Center", you will find a K-1 math link to click on which will take you to a variety of games.  Two of my favorite games are "Ten Frame" and "100 Hunt".

Warm Regards,

Mrs. Hulla

  Mrs. Hulla's Daily Classroom Schedule 2017-2018 

 8:30-9:00       Arrival, Breakfast, Shared/Close Reading
 9:00-9:15       Math Focus Lesson
 9:30-9:45       Small Group Guided Math & Centers
 9:45-10:45     Small Group Guided Reading & Daily 5  
10:45-11:45    Student Specialists (Teacher Prep) 
                       -Day 1:  Library & Gym 
                       -Day 2:  Music & Gym
                       -Day 3:  Art & Gym
                       -Day 4:  Media & Gym 
                       -Day 5:  Music & Gym  
11:45-12:30    Writer's Workshop
12:30-12:45    Movement Songs/Dances
12:45-1:00      Calendar/Number Talks/Sharing
  1:00-1:20      Lunch 
  1:20-1:45      Recess
  1:45-2:00      Letter Work/Handwriting
  2:00-2:30      Social Studies, Health, Science
  2:30-2:50      Choice Time/Free Play
  2:50-3:05      Pack & Dismiss