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The goal of social studies department is to develop well informed global citizens who hold democratic values,are prepared to participate in the life of their community and country, and who accept responsibility for human actions and conditions. We seek to build knowledge and skills in students that will foster respectful, compassionate, and constructive engagement in civic and social processes.

9th grade Human Geography
Human Geography is a high school level course. The course is needed to graduate high school. The Minnesota state standards for Human Geography 9-12 are used solely to teach content.
The purpose of human geography is to explore of various concepts used to describe how the world and those within it affect each other.  Concepts to be analyzed and studied will include geospatial skills, places and regions, human systems, and human-environment interaction. 

Human Geography

Ms. Jeanne Parker
Human Geography Educator
AVID trained

I am a well rounded educator and educational leader who is devoted to developing well rounded citizens and leaders who are compassionate, show appreciation, skilled and are cooperative.


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    Humanitarian/STAR club (everyone is welcome) -Advisor
    Prom and Homecoming -Co-Advisor
    ERHS SUPERFANS -Pep club Co-Advisor