Data Analysis-3rd Grade

Strand 4—Data Analysis 
(Online MCA, 6–7 items) (Paper MCA, 6–8 items) 

Standard 3.4.1: Collect, organize, display, and interpret data. Use labels and a variety of scales and units in displays. 

(Online MCA, 6–7 items) (Paper MCA, 6–8 items) Benchmarks Collect, display and interpret data using frequency tables, bar graphs, picture graphs and number line plots having a variety of scales. Use appropriate titles, labels and units. Item Specifications • Scale increments will not exceed 5 • Pictograph keys will not exceed 5 • Total number on graph or chart will not exceed 500 • Vocabulary allowed in items: pictograph, tally chart, bar graph, line plot, table, data, title, label, key, represent, scale