Mr. Hill's Homepage

Welcome to the 2017-18 school year.  I expect this to be an outstanding year, and I am excited to be teaching Psychology A, Psychology B, World History, and CIS Psychology. 

Psychology A is a survey course that examines Psychology as a Social Science.  This is a one trimester course offered in all three trimesters this year.  During the course of the trimester, the four units that we will cover include:  Psychology as a Social Science, Learning and Memory, Personality, and Abnormal Psychology.  To be taken to the Psychology A page, select "Psychology A" from the menu on the left.

Psychology B is a survey course that seeks to further examine Psychology as a Social Science beyond what was covered in Psychology A.  This is a one trimester course offered in Trimester 1 and Trimester 3 this year.  Please note, students do NOT have to take Psychology A as a prerequisite to Psychology B, and students may take both courses in reverse order.  The units covered in Psychology B include:  States of Consciousness, Developmental Psychology, Sensation and Perception, and Social Psychology.  To be taken to the Psychology B page, select "Psychology B" from the menu on the left.

World History is a Social Studies course required for graduation.  The course begins with the examination of Prehistory and moves through early civilizations, global development, through to present day.  For the 2017-18 school year, I am only teaching World History for the first trimester.  So students who have me for World History for the first trimester will have a different teacher for the remainder of the year.  To be taken to the World History page, please select "World History" on the menu on the left.

College In the Schools (CIS) Psychology is a joint course provided by Woodbury High School and the University of Minnesota.  Students who enroll in and pass the course will receive credit for passing PSY 1001 at the University of Minnesota - a total of 4 credits.  This is a two trimester course that starts in December and wraps up at the end of May.  All lectures are provided online from the University of Minnesota professors, and lessons are complemented with in-class activities and discussions.  Students will access their coursework through the University of Minnesota Moodle site, and each student will have a unique username and password.  On my website, you can find the CIS syllabus, calendar, and link to the U of M's Moodle site.

In order to contact me, please communicate via email at: