Mrs. Hildahl's English 9 & Honors English 9

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Purpose Statement:

As an educator, I am committed to providing a safe learning environment where students practice respect, compassion, determination, and responsibility in preparation for becoming quality contributors in their communities.

Course Descriptions/Standards/etc.:

    Honors 9: Typically, honors level courses offer curriculum at an accelerated pace and in some cases provide greater depth and complexity. Successful honors level courses articulate the pace, depth, and complexity utilized within the curriculum and instructional practices. An honors level course moves at an accelerated pace, as well as includes greater degrees of performance within the discipline (depth) and infuses increased levels of thinking (complexity) throughout daily lessons and learning activities.

    English 9: The ninth grade English course focuses on the study of reading and literature, writing and language, speaking, listening, and viewing.  Ongoing development of formal academic writing is the main writing component for this course.  Each student also completes frequent on-demand writing and prepared writing.  Literacy concepts are taught through the study of short stories, plays and novels.  Speaking and listening skills are practiced throughout the year.  We strive to encourage students to become college and career ready in reading, writing, speaking, listening, and language:  demonstrate independence, build strong content knowledge, respond to the varying demands of audience/task/purpose/discipline, comprehend as well as critique, value evidence, use technology and digital media strategically and capably, and come to understand other perspectives and cultures.

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Calendar: For your convenience, class calendars are linked within Schoology. Please see the Schoology website to access the objective, agenda, and homework assignments for each day of class. Links are also listed below.

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