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Class Mission:
Students will develop a deep 
understanding of Algebraic concepts 
and be able to demonstrate real world 

I have 3 simple guidelines for students
 to follow:

espect: Peers, Self, Property, all others
Effort: Make an effort and find success
Integrity: Doing the right thing when
nobody else is looking

Classroom Policies:
 Listen to Instructions
Enter and Exit Prepared
Always Try Your Best
Respect Yourself and Others



Contact Information
Mr. Burman
Phone: (651) 425-6571

Materials Needed:
- Textbook
- Notebook/Loose Leaf Paper
- Calculators (provided while in the classroom)
- Pencil/Pen
- Graph Paper
- Internet (Students will need internet for Flipped Videos)

       2018-2019 Schedule
28:53-9:33Team Mting
Blck 3A9:37-10:39
MS Algebra
Blck 4B10:43-11:45Intermediate Algebra
Blck 6A11:48-12:50
Intermediate Algebra
Blck 7B12:54-1:11
Intermediate Algebra
F Lunch    1:11 - 1:41 
7B cont.1:43-2:25
Intermediate Algebra

Subpages (2): Ch 5 Videos Khan Academy