Contact Information

David Crislip
Room 169

Extra Math Help

Mr. Crislip is typically available Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays at 7:30am.  See the "Need Help?" board in the classroom for weekly help time updates.

Mr. Crislip's Class Schedule

 Hr1st Tri    2nd Tri3rd Tri
 1st Algebra 2     Algebra 2 Algebra 2
 2nd Algebra 2 Algebra 2        Algebra 2
 3rd Algebra 2     Algebra 2 Algebra 2
 4th Statistics
 Trigonometry Algebra 3
 5th Statistics Trigonometry Algebra 3
 6th Prep Hour Prep Hour Prep Hour

About Mr. Crislip

This year will be my 23rd year of teaching.  Prior to working at Woodbury High School, I worked at Spring Lake Park High School and Saint Francis High School.  In addition to teaching I also coach football and track for the Royals, however had also been a tennis and volleyball coach at previous schools.

In my "free time" I enjoy spending time with my family, golfing, biking, playing/listening to music and enjoying the outdoors. On Saturdays in the Fall we are busy cheering on the U of M Gopher football team! My wife and I live here in Woodbury with our two boys & fluff ball pup, Molly Francis Valentine.