Bailey School Forest

Contact Stacey Benz @ for questions regarding a Bailey School Forest Field Trip.  To reserve a day and time, please complete this form.

Free bussing service is available from 9:30am-2:00pm for your field trip by contacting transportation @ x5304. 

School Forest Website @ 

username: schoolforest 
password: whitepine7

In an effort to provide the most accurate, current, and easily accessible information on the School Forest Program, many of the supporting materials for the handbook have been put on the School Forest Web site. Look for references throughout the handbook for materials that can be found on the Web site. The School Forest Web site contains general information about the program that anyone can access. A password-protected section of the Web site that is for program participants only contains in-depth program information, lesson plans, grant information, and more. To access this section of the Web site you will need the following username (schoolforest) and password (whitepine7).  All school forest users are encouraged to use the Web site as the first place to look for program information. If you need further information on any aspect of the program, please contact the Minnesota School Forest Program Manager.