Mrs. O'Brien's 3rd Grade

Third Grade at a Glance~
October 12th-26th

Math:    Subtraction Number Sense: This week and next (due to the short week) your 3rd grader will be learning strategies for subtracting 2-digit numbers mentally, estimating differences with 2- and 3-digit numbers and then finding the actual difference.

Reading workshop:  We will be wrapping up our shared reading lessons for Questioning a text. If you want to do this at home with your third grader, they have been generating questions before reading, during reading and after reading. Then answer any questions that are answered in the text or that can be inferred from the text. Our focus next week will be on the parts of a story, poem, and other texts. 

Writer's Workshop: Narrative paragraph: If I could be anyone, with a focus on adding thoughts or feelings into their writing.

Social Studies:  Continents and maps. 

Science: Students will be using the Scientific Method when they experiment with whirly birds. 

Upcoming Events:
Library check-out is day 4: Tuesday

10/12 CGE Carnival 5-8:00.  Thank you so much for your participation in this event!


10/16  Astronaut visit (Thank you PTO for arranging this very special visitor!)

10/18 & 10/19 No School, MEA

10/24 Wear Orange Day, Make it Orange and Make it end (bullying). 

11/6 No school, Election day

11/8 & 11/15 Conferences. Please sign up for conferences online. 

11/22 & 11/23 No School: Thanksgiving