Thanks for a great year in CCR!
 Wishing all 8th graders a great summer and much success in high school!

Mrs. Cathy Ehrlich

8th Gr.College and Career Readiness  (CCR)

To My Incoming 8th Grade Students:

Welcome to College and Career Readiness (CCR) at Lake Middle School. I am looking forward to meeting you. In Mrs. Ehrlich's 8th grade College and Career Readiness classes you will be learning many new things this year.  This class is a semester class (18 weeks) and during that time you will be exploring and learning about college, personal finance, careers, and a lot about yourself. We will be focusing on five areas within the curriculum that will be called The 5 Pillars.  Our class will meet every day for 18 weeks in room D103 Computer Lab.
See you there!

Mrs. Ehrlich

Dream Big....You can do it!

No one can tell you that you can’t do something if it is your goal. People may try and discourage you from achieving your dreams, but if you are truly focused on the end goal and believe that you have it in your power to accomplish it, go for it. Many famous people would never have achieved what they did if they listened to others. Walt Disney was told by someone that he had no imagination!  Even though you may fail at first try, don’t give up. How bad do you want it?  The question to ask yourself is, “If you had a pass on failure….what would you be doing?” Don’t be afraid of failure because it is what causes us to grow and achieve our dreams. Failure is not the opposite of success, it is part of success!

Watch Famous Failures

What is a Growth Mindset?

I believe that intelligence is something that develops with time and hard work. It is not something that is set in stone and unable to change. When things are hard to understand, we have to work harder. The harder we work, the smarter we get. Too many people think that they are just not smart enough to understand calculus or difficult material, when in reality, they just don’t want to put in what it takes to master it. The more that we like a subject, the more we want to get better at it.  If you have an interest in something, you will gravitate to learning more about it.  This doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t learn other things that are difficult to master.