Ms. Bohan

Important Dates:  

Feb. 7th :     College Sweatshirt Day

Feb. 12th:     Art Spark with Mr. Ortiz

Feb. 14th:    100th day of Kindergarten/Valentines Day/Pajama Day

Feb. 9th:       Sign Up for Conferences (SignUp Genius)

Feb. 19th:     President's Day (No School)


Important Classroom Information:


Please send a HEALTHY snack for your child each day.  Snacks should be nut-free, small enough to fit in his/her mailbox and easy for your child to open.  

Monthly Reading Calendars:

Every month your child will bring home a monthly reading calendar.  Your child should read or be read to for at least 10 minutes a day.  Also, please encourage your child to find star words in the text.  Sign and return the completed reading calendar on the first school day of the following month.


Your child will bring home a book in a bag.  Books may be returned daily (with a minimum of three times a week).  The books sent home will be within your child's reading range.  Some books will be easier and some more difficult.  Encourage your child to read the book to you.  Feel free to read the book to your child if he/she is having difficulty reading it independently.  
Physical Education:

Students will participate in 30 minutes of Phy. Ed. class each day.  Children should wear or bring tennis shoes daily.

Music, Art, Computer Lab & Book Check-Out:

Students will participate in 30 minutes of music, art, computer lab or book check-out each day. These classes will be on a rotating basis.

Library Books:

Children visit the Media Center once a week to check out library books.  Please have your child return his/her books by the next scheduled book check-out day.  We rotate our specials (library, computer lab, music and art) on a 5 day rotation, which means our library day changes often.  Be sure to make note of the library book return days in your child's daily communication folder.


You are welcome to join your child at 11:05 for lunch in the cafeteria.  Students have 20 minutes for lunch and return to class at 11:25.  Recess is before lunch, from 10:50-11:05.   Children will have indoor recess when it is raining or the temperature/wind chill is -10.

If your child is absent from school, call the attendance line as soon as possible (425-5606).  If you are going on vacation, please notify me in advance by writing a note inside your child's folder.
After School Pick-Up:

If you are picking up your child after school, please meet him/her in the commons area.
Bus Transportation: 

Your child's bus tag should be placed inside a Ziploc bag and pinned to his/her backpack.  Please note inside your child's folder if he/she is going to be picked up or is riding a different bus home after school.  Without a note, I will send your child home in the usual manner.
Late Drop-Off/Early Pick-Up:

If your child is late for school or if you need to pick up your child for an appointment, you must check-in at the office.

As of September 2010, Red Rock no longer allows birthday treats to be brought into the classroom.  We will celebrate your child's birthday on the school day closest to his/her actual birthday.  If your child has a summer birthday we will celebrate his/her birthday during the last week of school. If you wish to honor your child's birthday with the class, please consider an alternative birthday treat such as pencils or a book donated to the classroom.  We have 19 students in the class (including your child). Please note that the district follows a wellness policy that does not allow cake, cookies, cupcakes or other sugary treats.  Further, due to the number of food allergies and other food restrictions, treats are discouraged.  Thank you for respecting these guidelines.  




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