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Thank you for coming to conferences.  It was 

nice to see everyone and to talk with you. If 

you have any questions about how your child is 

doing in fourth grade please give me a call or 

send me an email. 

Feel free to go onto the Scholastic Book club   website anytime and order books. I will be sending out book order forms about every other month.  My teacher code at is HHRYQ

As a rule, 4th grade students will have 

about 40 minutes of homework each night.

Each night they will have reading and math 

homework.  Parents, please plan on reviewing 

your child's binder with them. They will be 

writing the learning target for each subject in 

their planner. After the homework is completed, 

please sign on the parent signature line.

 There are many useful tools on this site. You can find daily homework on the planner page and weekly spelling word on the Spelling list page.   I update the planner each day with the students. Other information is updated either weekly or monthly. This can be a great tool when your child  is sick.   If you would like to pick up assignments when your child is absent, please give me a two hour notice so I have time to gather the materials, notebook, and textbooks. 

If you think of something you would like added to my site, just let me know.  Also, if you have any questions or concerns please send me an email or give me a call between 2:30 and 3:30

Mrs. Perkins





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