Welcome to Our Classroom!!

Important Dates 

Our Daily Schedule
8:40A.M.-9:00A.M. Morning Meeting
9:00A.M. 10:35A.M. Communications
Poetry, PALS, 
Daily 5 Centers, Guided Reading,
Spelling, Phonics, Handwriting, 
Shared Reading
10:40A.M.-11:00A.M.  Recess
11:00A.M.-11:20A.M.  Lunch
11:30A.M.- 11:40A.M. Quiet Time
11:45A.M.-12:45P.M.    Math
12:45P.M.-12:55P.M. Read Aloud
12:55P.M.-1:30P.M Writer's Workshop

Theme Activities 
(Social Studies, Science, Health) 
are embedded throughout the day

1:30P.M.-1:40P.M. Snack
1:45P.M.-2:45P.M. Specialist
(Phy. Ed., Music, Media, Art)
2:45P.M-3:10P.M.   Backpacks, Lockers                     Closing Circle