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Welcome Video

Welcome to 7th Grade Pre-Algebra

Mrs. Heldstab

Room E203





The district is moving away from google sites and now using Schoology. All updated Lesson Videos, Homework Logs, Practice Links, Retake Tickets, and Activities can be found on Schoology. Have your student log into their Schoology account to stay up-to-date with classroom assignments.


Need to retake?

Login to Schoology 

Re-watch lessons, study/practice using game links, and complete the retake ticket.


If a student scores below 70%, he/she must retake the assessment. Students have 2 weeks after the original test date to complete the retake.

 Retake Process...

1) Make corrections on the original test

·       This will be done in class when tests are handed back.

2) Complete any missing homework from the Unit

·       Specifics about missing homework assignments can be found on the students’ homework log.

·       The number of completed assignments is recorded in Schoology under Formative Assessments.

3) Complete the items in the RETAKE TICKET folder on Schoology:

  • Study by watching lesson videos
  • Practice with game links
  • Complete the retake ticket online

4) Now one of two things happen:

  • If students score is above 70% on the retake ticket, he/she can now set up a time to retake the test before school (M-F 7:20-7:50), after school (M or TH 2:25-3:00), or during in-class worktime.
  • If students score is below 70% on the retake ticket, he/she should set up a time to work with the teacher one on one on topics. Once a student has worked with the teacher and mastered the topics, he/she can retake test before school, after school, or during in-class worktime.