Mrs. Gornick's MS Algebra Home

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Phone: (651) 425-6564

2017-2018 Schedule
Homebase    7:55-8:15
1st hour       8:19-9:04
2nd hour      9:08-9:53
3rd hour     9:57-10:42
        4th hour   10:46-11:31
5th hour   11:35-12:20
Lunch       12:24-12:46
6th hour   12:50 - 1:36
7th hour       1:40-2:25

MS Algebra is the standard course for 8th grade students. This course includes an in depth study of the algebra of lines and expands number concepts to the real number system. Note: This is a two year course sequence. Students who enroll in this course take the second part of this course, Intermediate Algebra with Statistics, in high school before moving to Geometry with Proof.