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The purpose of AFJROTC at Woodbury HS is to teach aviation, citizenship/leadership, and physical fitness. We are NOT recruiters NOR does AFJROTC enrollment require you to enlist in the military after graduationUnlike other clubs, AFJROTC is an academic program that requires you to participate in the AFJROTC class. In doing so, not only will you be given the opportunity to grow as a person, but you will receive academic credit that is applied toward your high school graduation. We do not pressure our students into military service.  We provide information on all post high school opportunities and help all our students reach their future goals. Your experience in AFJROTC should be fun and enlightening, and provide you with an opportunity to develop lasting friendships. 

The AFJROTC class is broken down into three elements that are taught each week as follows:

1)  Academic course with a focus on aviation, (2 days per week)

2)  Leadership with a focus on citizenship (2 days per week)

3)  Physical Fitness with a focus on maintaining a healthy life style (1 day per week)

Field trips, hands-on activities, banquets, marching/drill, leadership positions, and competition opportunities are some of the methods used to reach our course objectives. As usual, we’ll be planning and taking a variety of field trips throughout the year and while not all students can participate in every trip, we hope to ensure that each cadet is able to make his or her fair share. Also, we hope to visit an active duty air base at the end of the school year to explore various jobs available both in and out of the aviation field.

Most if not all your questions can be answered in the Cadet Handbook (click on the tab to the left), however,  please feel free to call or email us.  You can find our contact information under the “Cadre/Instructors” tab.

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