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At Weaver Lake Elementary School, we redefine the student learning experience by providing meaningful and authentic learning opportunities through the integration of technology throughout the school day.  

Some of the tools we use to support learning include: 

Technology at WVR

From video lab reports to computer programming, brainstorming to publishing, all students at Weaver Lake use technology to access content, work collaboratively, and create and share evidence of their learning.

All classrooms have a dynamic web presence where you can find student projects and classroom news. Be sure to visit our school YouTube Channel where you will find video projects produced by students throughout the year.  

As you can see, students at Weaver Lake use technology in a variety of ways to assist them in developing the 21st Century skills of creating, collaborating, communicating and contributing.



21st C. Kid poster created and shared by Peter Reynolds. Check out his amazing art and downloadable inspirational posters.

THINK poster created and shared by Shannon on http://www.technologyrocksseriously.com/.

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