Math at the Pet Shop

Value Added Standards

2. Students will collaborate to investigate and/or solve real problems in their community.
4.  Students will develop a deep cultural understanding by collaborating directly with learners from other cultures.

Academic Standards

0.1.1 Understand the relationship between quantities and whole numbers up to 31
0.3.2 Compare and order objects according to location and measurable attributes.

Science Living things are diverse with many different observable characteristics


1d. identify trends and forecast possibilities
2b. communicate information and ideas effectively to multiple audiences using a variety of media and formats
3d. process data and report results

Project Description

As an enhancement to our Animals 2x2 FOSS Science unit Kindergarten students learn about math in the real world by visiting our community partner PetSmart in Maple Grove.  After the visit students graph the animal data they collected on the computer.  Students also learn about animal care form the Animal Humane Society in Golden Valley.  This becomes a true service learning project as students give back to the community by making toys for the animals at the humane society. 

Sample Projects

Community Partnerships

Animal Humane Society