Our Mission

To develop future leaders in health science/medical fields by offering themed, integrated curriculum and technical skill development through the core academic learning as well as career and technical education that when combined, will meet the needs and interests of a diverse group of learners, challenge and advance the knowledge of each individual and inspire and promote the highest level of achievement of all students.

Core Values...
We will demonstrate a belief of providing a personalized learning environment that values Rigor, Relevance and Relationships by:
  • developing academic and technical competencies in our learners that will prepare them for educational success and advance in health science professions
  • establishing a community of diverse learners who desire a relevant way of learning in an area of strong interest
  • providing students with a chance to explore pathways to success in career fields that are in demand
  • using effective systems within the program that promote lifelong learning
  • developing partnerships that will establish positive, mutual relationships between the school and the community
  • inspiring students to contribute to community by providing multiple opportunities for related volunteer service
  • helping students to identify the habits of mind, and the importance of the role of a multidisciplinary team in providing quality health care.