Learning to be Physically Active for a Lifetime

Dear Parents,

Welcome to another year of physical education at Crest View Elementary School! Students attend physical education every other day for 30 minutes in grades K – 6. The primary objective of our physical education program is to have fun and learn through the enjoyment of movement. Our mission is to inspire and prepare all students to lead a healthy lifestyle by providing a variety of opportunities which are designed to help children acquire the skills needed to make positive choices about a healthy, physically active way of life. Each student will have the opportunity to develop skills at his/her own pace. Socialization and character education skills are taught through partner and group activities. Instruction in healthy lifestyles will be integrated into lessons on a daily basis. Children are expected to participate in all physical education activities. If your son or daughter needs to be excused from activity, please send a note, e-mail or call his or her teacher. We are looking forward to a fun and exciting year of learning and moving! If you have any questions, please call your child’s physical education specialist.

Watch the school newsletter for important dates and information about physical education activities.

***P.E. Attire: Students must wear tennis shoes or they will not be able to participate. ***


• Physical education grades will be based on outcomes in the performance/theme areas of body control, fitness, propelling, receiving and striking. Please note: As per district policy, fitness test scores are not part of a student’s grade in physical education. Fitness test results will be sent home for students to share with parents.

• Students in grades 1-3 will receive grades in physical education as follows: a combined score for psychomotor (skill) and cognitive (knowledge) performance and a separate score for affective skills.

• Students in grades 4-6 will receive letter grades (A, B, C, and D) in physical education as follows: one grade for psychomotor (skills), one grade for cognitive (knowledge) and a separate affective score. Kindergarten students do not receive a grade.

Behavior Expectations
In physical Education class, I will ...
-Listen quietly and follow all directions
-Use equipment safely and as instructed
-Demonstrate good sportsmanship
-Dress appropriately, including wearing tennis shoes
-Participate in all activities to the best of my abilities
-Be safe, learn something and have fun everyday

Positive Reinforcements
-Fun and enjoyment experienced
-Good feeling about self and others
-Fitness skill level improvemnets
-New things learned
-Physical education individual awards

-Take a break/thinking time
-Loss of privilege- Go to buddy classroom
-FOCUS room referral

Medical Excuses : If a student is unable to participate, a note from a parent or guardian will excuse the child for one day. If the student needs to be inactive for more than one day, a doctor’s note is required and must be seen by the school nurse and the physical education specialist.

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