Special Education Vision

To provide an effective and inclusive educational experience for staff, families, and learners in an atmosphere where differences are accepted, valued, and supported by the larger education system and its community partners.


Resouce Model

This program provides services for full day kindergarten through grade 5.  Students needing special education support receive services as determined by their individual education program.  Various models are used to meet the needs of students.  Models range for instruction in a small group resource room setting, team teaching with general education staff and collaborative classes and consultative services.  Services are provided using a multidisability team model.


This program provides services for full day kindergarten through grade 5.  The plan developed for each student focuses on functional, academic, communication, social interaction, behavioral, environmental and sensory strengths and needs.

Speech/Language Pathology
Educational Speech/Language Pathology provides eligible students with direct and indirect services related to communication disabilities.

Occupational Therapy
Occupational Therapy is a related service that is provided to support  primary special education services.  

Developmental Adaptive Physical Education (DAPE)

Developmental Adapted Physical Education provides eligible students with supports needed to participate safely and successfully in the regular physical education program.

  1. Services are provided when appropriate using several models: Teaming with the regular physical education teachers. 
  2. Individualized instruction to small groups pre-teaching and/or follow-up to regular class instruction.
  3. Consultation with regular physical education teacher.
Social Work

        Social Work is a related service that is used along with other primary special education                      services. 

School Psychology
School Psychology provides evaluation services and related services to students.