Learning to be Physically Active for a Lifetime

Welcome to another year of physical education at Edinbrook Elementary School! Students attend physical education every other day for 30 minutes in grades K-6. The primary objective of our physical education program is to have fun and learn through the enjoyment of movement. Our mission is to inspire and prepare all students to lead a healthy lifestyle by providing a variety of opportunities which are designed to help children acquire the skills needed to make positive choices about a healthy, physically active way of life. Each student will have the opportunity to develop skills at his/her own pace. Socialization and character education skills are taught through partner and group activities. Instruction in healthy lifestyles will be integrated into lessons on a daily basis. Children are expected to participate in all physical education activities. We are looking forward to a fun and exciting year of learning and moving! If you have any questions, please call your child’s physical education specialist. See below from some more important information!

**Students must wear appropriate tennis shoes or they will not be able to participate**

Behavior Expectations                                                                                                                                 

-Listen quietly and follow all directions the first time                              

-Use equipment safely and as instructed                                   

-Demonstrate good sportsmanship                                           

-Dress appropriately, including wearing tennis shoes     

-Participate in all activities to the best of my abilities   



1-Warning, verbal or non-verbal

2-Take a break/thinking time

3-Go to buddy classroom

4-Office referral

Medical Excuses:

If a student is unable to participate, a note from a parent or guardian will excuse the child for three days. If the student needs to be inactive for more than three days, a doctor’s note is required and must be seen by the school nurse and the physical education specialist.