Michelle Quick

1st Grade -- "OLD GRAY CAT"

I have had several requests for this song -- so that students can play the game at home with their family!!  Here is the power point slide show.  Click Here

Welcome back to another GREAT school year -- and especially making music together!!  I am glad to be back for my second year at Weaver Lake and look forward to my own learning as I work with your children.    

I want to let you know that I use a WORK/SCHOOL connection as I talk to my students about their work in my classroom.  I communicate that their LEARNING is their PAYCHECK -- the more they learn, the more opportunities they will have to earn a good living at a real job.  At the end of each class period, I fill out 3 or more BONUS CHECKS -- giving specific feedback to students about their positive and helpful work behaviors.  When they have saved up 3 bonus checks, they may bring them to my room and use them to shop for an item out of my prize box.  I hope your children will tell you when they receive these.  ALL students get them and I keep track to make sure I notice EVERYONE!

Above you will see some of my students from last year doing the "Dragon Dance" for the Chinese New Year. 

I like to begin the year with a focus on Patriotic Songs.  We talk about the love of our country -- with a reminder that you can love MORE than one country!!  

Feel free to e-mail me with any questions, concerns or connections about your child and making music in my classroom.  I look forward to another FABULOUS year with your precious children. 

If you would like to see some of our amazing Weaver Lake students in a performing mode -- check out this video link of our 2nd Grade program last year. 



Each month we meet a different "classical" composer.  We learn about their lives and respond creatively to their compositions.  This month we are going to experiment with a new program to help us learn how to listen to music.  It is called FlipGrid.  I will be demonstrating how to use this program in class.  I am hoping many students take the challenge to work on this at home.  


Use the password QuickMusic to access the FlipGrid.