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Enrollment for the 2013-2014 School Year

Apply online for your Kindergarten - 6th grade student for Kidstop Before and After School Care. All applications are pending.  Your application will be approved within five days of if openings are available.  Click on the link below to access the online registration portal.

  • If you already have an account, sign in and follow the instructions under Kidstop School Year/Registration.
  • If you are new, create a new account first, set up each child and then register for school year. 

Questions? Call our office at 763-585-7281 or you can have a staff member at your site walk you through the registration process.

Special Note: Palmer Lake Kidstop Before and After-school Program will be relocated starting the 2013-14 school year. Kidstop will be offered to Palmer Lake students at Birch Grove Elementary School. Read here for more details. When registering you can still select Palmer Lake and we will make the necessary changes on our end.

Kindergarten Crew is currently taking enrollments for the 13-14 school year.
Kindergarten Crew is full at Elm Creek and Basswood Elementary.

Kindergarten Extra Applications are closed.  Email us at if you'd like to be placed on the waiting list.

2013-2014 Four Star Express is full at Rush Creek, Weaver Lake and Woodland Elementary.  

A second section is being offered at Cedar Island Elementary.  

DON'T MISS OUT. Enroll now for the 13-14 school year. We guarantee you will be pleased.

Non-School Day Information is Here!

You asked for it and it is here!
You can now use to access this website.

Coming in a few weeks: 
A new look and organization for our site. You will see a taste of it on our current site pages.

That's Community Education (TCE) 

You do not have to wait for an invoice to pay your child care tuition. You can pay weekly or monthly even before the invoice comes. Simply log in to your account at 

Click the "Make a Payment" button, enter the amount you would like to pay, your payment information, submit it and voilà, your payment is made!

Check out the new Tip Sheet to help you navigate your online profile. Please note: your account number be different than the sample account on the tip sheet.

TCE Frequently Asked Questions
  • If I pay by credit card, auto pay or with my checking account will I pay more? - No, you will pay the same rates whether you pay by check or pay by electronic payment.
  • I can't access my account. - Call your Kidstop site and verify your email address. They can send you a new account verification link.
  • My account information was there and now I can't see it. - The system can only link information to one account which was setup for you by site staff. If you created a new account under a different email you won't be able to see it. Call your Kidstop site and ask them to let you know which email address they have for your account. They will process a merge request for you.
  • I can't change my contract online. - This feature is now fully operational there is a 5-day notice required by the online system. Contract changes will always start on a Monday. New contract rates will take effect at the same time. A Kidstop staff person at your site will notify you when your change will take effect.
  • Do I sign up for non-school days if my contract includes them? - Yes. Go online and sign up for the days your student will attend. That way your student will show up on a non-school day roster.
  • Can I sign up for non-school days if my contract doesn't include them? - Yes. Go online and register for non-school days. We will add your students to the roster. It is $32 per day, per student.
  • Can I sign up for non-school days if I don't currently attend Kidstop? - Yes. Email your current email, name, address, phone number, your student(s) name(s), grade(s) and the school you wish to attend for non-school days and we will get your information into the system and send you instructions on how to register for specific days.
  • My payment receipt isn't showing the proper dates of service. - The system is calculating your payments and dates of service correctly. If it isn't reflected on your receipt as needed for reimbursement, call your Kidstop site and make a request for an updated receipt. It will take 5-7 business days to process this request.
  • I made a change to my contract and my invoice shows a "double-billing." - If you made a mid-week change of contract the system automatically bills for the original contract and the new contract. Give us your account number, student's name and your name and we will make the adjustment. Going forward, all contract changes will take place on a Monday.