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One of our many tools that we use is WordPress. Now WordPress is more than just a blog tool, it can be used in a Flipped Classroom model too. It also doesn't need to be a one way communication with students, it could be used to continue classroom discussions online or communicate classroom activities with parents. Anyway you use it, it is still technology and as we all know technology can break and ruin our day. Information I gather about what people are looking for in WordPress or issues that come up I will post here to try and create a solution base. Should you encounter an issue with your WordPress site please comment or email me.

We recently (well this year) launched WordPress 3.3 and with 3.3 there are a couple advantages and improvements with it. Along with that launch we fixed a lot of the errors and issues that we were having with WordPress. This is just a small slideshow on some updates and questions that I answered about this new change. Slideshow on WordPress 3.3 changes

Some teachers would like to use their blog to communicate with Parents and students to make a more effective team. This is a letter that can be sent in an email to parents describing what you have to offer communicating through a WordPress blog.
Letter for Teachers to use if they want to inform parents that they can view their blog for classroom updates

Now I do not know how many of you view the main page of our WordPress blog, but my predecessor Mu He, did an excellent job of putting together an informational page. There are many links on there that could potentially help you implement a nice feature you are looking for. I am still here for any help, but just check this out because you may find what you are looking for.
Blog Assistance

We have come a discussion plugin for WordPress. By discussion I mean a collaborative online book/paper discussion that your students can participate in. I have an example of  CommentPress.

CommentPress live site example

CommentPress help site created by Ken Koltun-Fromm of HaverFord University