Sixth Grade

Sixth Grade Standards

Expanding Literacies - reinforce and apply previous skills

A1.3 Read for pleasure every day.
B1.1 Read and contribute to online literary discussions.
B2.1 Communicate ideas effectively using a variety of media and formats.
B2.2 Access and contribute to online learning communities.
B2.3 Use collaborative electronic authoring tools.
C1.1 Select the best format to communicate learning in identified situation.
D3.2 Apply literacy skills across multiple formats.

Ethical Participation - reinforce and apply previous skills

A1.2 Understand the privileges and responsibilities as outlined in the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) of their school.
A1.3 Understand and respect concepts of copyright materials and licensing agreements.
A2.2 Respect others in shared workspaces.
A2.3 Leave shared space in the same condition as it was found.
A3.1 Not copy the work of others into their own projects.
A3.2 Give credit to the original creator of the work referenced.
A3.3 Explain reasons to cite materials properly.
A4.1 Identify the important private data that they should never share without teacher permission.
A4.2 Seek permission before displaying information or images of others.
A5.4 Explain why private identity information should not be communicated without permission of a teacher or parent/guardian.
B1.1 Respect the opinions and perspectives of others in their group, class, or beyond.
B1.2 Use courteous language to respond to diverse perspectives.
B1.3 Distinguish between online and face-to-face contacts and demonstrate safe behavior when communicating online.
B1.4 Demonstrate responsibility and respect for collaborative content.
C1.1 Omit personal information in their work when it is shared online.
C1.2 Understand that there are features unique to publishing material on the internet such as permanence and wide accessibility.
D2.1 Respect that students may use different technological tools for their specific needs.
D2.2 Demonstrate balance between media-time and active-time in their lives.
D2.3 Demonstrate awareness of addictive qualities of online behavior.
D2.4 Explain positive and negative aspects of anonymity.


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