First Grade

First Grade Standards

Expanding Literacies
A1.2 Select and read or listen to a variety of high quality literary works.
A1.3 Read for pleasure every day.
A2.2 Access preselected online resources.
A3.1 Locate information in a variety of sources  Fiction/NonFiction
A4.1 Express appreciation for qualities found in literature.
C1.2 Record responses to a variety of media to make connections with self, the world, and previous information.(text to self)
Ethical Participation - reinforce previous skills
A1.1 Follow the school rules for computer and equipment use
A2.1 Return borrowed materials on time
A2.2 Respect others in shared workspaces
A2.3 Leave shared space in the same condition as it was found
A2.4 Treat shared materials and equipment with care
A2.5 Demonstrate responsible use of the Media Center

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