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Drama Troupes

BG has 2 Drama troupes - one for Grades 2/3 and one for Grades 4/5.  About 12 students are cast in each drama troupe. 

Troupes meet every 6 days during the school year during the school day, and perform once in December and once in May. 

In the 6 weeks prior to performance,
drama troupes will rehearse after school.

Wed, Sept. 11th- Troupe packets go home- Due back by Sept. 17th

Fri, Sept. 20th- Troupe auditions (during school)

Fri, Sept. 27th - Troupe letters go home

Thurs, Oct. 3rd  - 4/5 Troupes begin (and meet every day 5 until May)

Mon, Oct. 8th - 2/3 Troupes begin (and meet every day 2 until May)

 BE SURE to try out for the musical if you don't make it into drama troupe!
2019-2020 Troupe performance dates
December 19th (2/3 troupes) 
and December 13th (4/5 troupes)
at 6:30 p.m.

Our spring fundraiser, Spotlight on the Arts, 
will be May 15th (2/3 troupes)  and May 8th (4/5 troupes) at 6:00 p.m.
See you there!

Questions?  Please email Kris Holsen  mailto:holsenk@district279.org
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