Denise Nelson
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Students in Grades K-5 are taught music once every four days for 50 minutes. Instructional concepts and skills include: note reading and theory; xylophone performance; music history and composers; proper singing techniques and pitch; rhythm; melody and harmony; song games; music appreciation; and the study of musical styles.

Woodland families may attend grade level concerts, which are performed one time a year for grades 1-5. Students also have an opportunity to perform during music class. They may volunteer to sing, dance, share an instrument, or play the piano.

To assist in the process of selecting an instrument for Fifth Grade Band, Fourth Grade students learn about band instruments. Fourth Graders also purchase a recorder, a flute-like instrument, to strengthen their note reading skills.

Upcoming Concerts

January 19, 2017 (Thursday evening) 
6:00 pm – 3rd grade concert 
6:45 pm – DaCapo choir concert 
7:30 pm – 5th grade musical 

April 27, 2017 (Thursday during the school day) 
2:00 pm – 1st grade concert and Grandparent Day 

May 4, 2017 (Thursday evening) 
6:15 pm – 2nd grade concert 
7:15 pm – 4th grade concert with recorders 

Music Concert Videos

Spring 2017 Performance