Third grade GT students collecting pond water on a beautiful October day! Students will learn how to make slides to view organisms under a microscope.

About Gifted and Talented

District 196 gifted educational services include curricular and instructional opportunities directed to the unique needs of the gifted child.

Service to Gifted and Talented (GT) students includes classroom differentiation of curriculum as determined by the teachers and GT specialist.

Additionally, there will be support from the GT Specialist to enhance the student’s intellectual processes (such as critical and creative thinking, problem solving, research and communication skills) and affective domain (self-concept, leadership and understanding giftedness).

Our district uses multiple criteria for placing students in GT services. Criteria includes: superior performance on cognitive tests, achievement tests, and/or classroom work. Parent and teacher recommendation components are also part of the process.

The District GT page has many links to sites which would extend your child's experience in GT and sites for futher information and support about gifted kids. Look here also for upcoming events and activities that may interest you or your child.

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