About Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (PBIS)

Woodland is a PBIS school and currently in it’s 4th year of implementation.  PBIS stands for “Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports”.  PBIS is rooted in behavioral theory and uses evidence-based practices with a systems approach.  Using the PBIS framework, Woodland developed practices to prevent problem behavior and to teach and reinforce expected behaviors consistently across school settings and is used by all school staff.  

Each month we celebrate the expected behaviors of being kind, being safe, being respectful, and being responsible.  We call these the “Woodland Way”.  Classrooms, individual students, and even school staff are rewarded in a variety of ways: Golden Dustpan for cleanest room, Gourmet Lunch for those demonstrating good behavior choices in the cafeteria, Golden Apple (for staff) demonstrating above and beyond efforts in any form of teaching, the Big Trophy for a classroom demonstrating overall good behavior choices, Red Carpet treatment for good behavior on the bus, and many, many more.

PBIS, when implemented with fidelity across school systems and grades, has been shown to improve student outcomes in academic skills, pro-social behaviors, attendance, graduation rates, etc.  PBIS uses a continuum of practices for students with typical needs all the way through practices for student who have high-intensity needs.  At Woodland PBIS is supported by staff and parents and we have seen positive changes as a result!  We love PBIS!!