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                                     COME FIRST!

Student safety is our primary goal as we address congestion in the parking lot.  The main parking lot and bus drop off area is closed for curbside student drop off and pick up from 9:05 to 9:25 a.m. and from 3:20 to 3:50 p.m.
We have increasing concerns about student safety, especially at afternoon dismissal times.  Thomas Lake staff works to supervise students and the traffic flow, however rules are not being followed and student safety is compromised.  We understand parent pickup is not a fast moving process, however following these rules is necessary to keep our students safe. 
Please observe these rules when using the pick-up circle:
·         Drop off and pick up children at curbside only.  This is the only safe way for children to enter and exit the car.
·         If there isn’t room to stop along the circle, park in a designated spot and escort your child into the building or to the car or wait inside to pick up your child.  Do not park your vehicle in the circle. Parked vehicles create a back up and potential for danger.
·         Children must have backpacks and other items ready for a quick exit to avoid delaying others. Delayed exits create a backup and potential for danger
·         Vehicles at curbside must be attended. Leaving your vehicle blocks traffic and creates a dangerous situation.
·         Double parking is not allowed. This also blocks traffic and creates a dangerous situation.

If the pick-up circle is full, cars must park in the lot in a designated spot or along the east side of Thomas Lake Road on the shoulder.  Parents/guardians are asked to either come into the building and wait in the link area for their students or to wait in their cars until the buses have left and then drive to the entrance.  It is dangerous for students to run out into the parking lot to meet their family member.  Pedestrian traffic between buses is not permitted as this is dangerous too.
We have several Thomas Lake staff members monitoring and helping, however everyone’s attention to following the safety rules is critical.  If you are willing to volunteer your help at dismissal time, please contact our office at: 651-683-6890.

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