School Store

Advisor: Ms. Lynn
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The school store is a fourth grade project.  All students will get a chance to be involved with the schools store when they get to 4th grade.  The student workers use valuable people skills along with practicing and applying mathematical concepts learned in the classroom.  The store is under the directions of Ms. Lynn and sales are supervised by volunteer parents.  The school store is open from 8:25-8:40 a.m.

The profits earned through this project play an important part in supporting activities and students in need.  The school store has funded scholarships that provide financial assistance to needy families for school activities.  Field trips are the biggest expense, but it also help with many other smaller expenses such as special grade-level activities, planner, classroom magazine subscription fees, and class party fees.  Without access to the profits from the school store, teachers and students would need to eliminate many of the extra activities and trips that enhance and support the curriculum  .