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Teacher: Mr. Barnes
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Students in grades 1-5 have one 50-minute music class per cycle.  Kindergarten students have one 25-minute music class per cycle.  In music, we sing songs, play instruments, play games, and dance!  We will also learn about all kinds of musical things- notes and rests, music words and vocabulary, how to read music, how to listen to music, and how to make our own brand-new music!

Mr. Barnes maintains a music web page.  Click on the "Southview Music Page" link below to see what each grade is doing, check concert dates and information, and other cool stuff!  After you link the link, enter musicmusic in the password box.  That will get you to the page.

 Student Links
Mr. Barnes' Moodle Page
password is musicmusic

 Parent Links

Southview Music Page
(my Moodle page-password required)

Music Curriculum