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Teacher: Mrs. Daly
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The content of the art program is based on the Explorations in Art curriculum.  It relates to the major aims of contemporary art education of developing an informed appreciation of art the life-long interest in learning more about art.  Content is also based on the following interrelated disciplines of art.

Aesthetic Perception
Students use their senses, knowledge, and feelings to find meaning in their environment and in works of art.  Lessons and activities at each level heighten students' abilities to see subtle variations in lines, colors, textures, and other visual elements.  

Creative Expression
Students explore art in  a variety of media, and two and three-dimensional art forms.  They learn to develop and apply design concepts to expressive and imaginative themes. They relate art to everyday life.  Students are encouraged to develop their own ideas for artwork, to refine them and use media expressively.  

Visual Arts Heritage
Students are introduced to artistic traditions from around the world.  The artistic achievements of women and ethnic groups are well-represented, along with the important international influences and trends.  

Informed Judgment
Within the curriculum, students are introduced to the processes of perceiving, analyzing, interpreting, and judging their own and others' art.  The ability to make informed judgments about art required critical thinking skills as well as knowledge about art.  

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