Second Grade

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Our learning environment focuses on a spirit of community.  Second grade teachers foster a sense of belonging to our community of learners.  We focus on the individuality of each student and emphasize how every student's differences and strengths contribute to the classroom community.

By celebrating each student's uniqueness, we set a tone of acceptance and recognize the strengths in each other that contribute to a well rounded learning environment.  We focus on a constructionist atmosphere that guides children in the direction of inquiry and promotes new patterns of thinking.  

We encourage students to problem solve with prior knowledge, beliefs and skills.  We monitor and guide them with inquiry and promote new patterns of thinking using their own experience. 

 Student Links
 Language Arts:
Fact and Opinion
Grammar Gorilla
Spelling City
Oregon Trail
Ten Little Snowmen
Giggle Poetry
Mail Just For Me
Fun School
Concrete Poetry
Instant Poetry Forms
Fact Monster
Poetry 4 Kids
Writing a Friendly Letter
Compound Words
Compound Word Concentration
Compound Word Practice
Lightning Bug
Puzzle Maker
Basic Facts About Penguins
Fun Facts About Penguins
Penguin Facts
Fridge Magnet Poetry
Word Magnets
Little House Books
Adding -ing
Adding -ed
Read, Write, Think
Biographies for Kids
About Famous People
Amazing Americans
Biographies for Kids-Life Stories
Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check

Nancy Carlson
Marc Brown
Norman Bridwell (Clifford)
Mem Fox
Judy Blume
Fudge Trivia Game
Jan Brett All About Trolls
Kevin Henkes
Resources for Kitten's First Full Moon
Writing and Illustrating-Kevin Henkes
Shel Silverstein
Chris Van Alsburg
Steven Kellogg
Jane O"Connor-Fancy Nancy
Cynthia Rylant

Carving Pumpkins
Swan's Pumpkin Farm
Bloompetals Pumpkin Carving
Thanksgiving Puzzle
Christmas Word Hangman
Online Christmas Games
Christmas Math Games
Winter Online Coloring Sheets
Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle
Easter Games
Primary Games-Easter
Seussville Games
St. Patrick's Day Fun
St. Patrick's Day Games & Activities
Organized Math Bookmarks Gr. 2-3
Greg Tang's World of Math
Math Playground
A Maths Dictionary for Kids
Tessellation Town
Virtual Manipulatives
Early Math
Xtra Math
IXL Math
Math Learning Center Apps

Test Taking:
Test Taking
Be a Better Test Taker
Rule Out Wrong Problems 1

Minnesota Science Museum
What is a Dinosaur?
National Geographic Kids
Ranger Rick
Fossil Fun- Walking with Beasts
Dinosaur Activities
Dinosaurs in 3D
Foss Science
Forces & Movement
Forces in Action
Weather Links for MIL

Social Studies:
M. L. King Web Hunt
Community Helpers
City Creator
Japan Links
National Geographic for Kids-Japan
Farm Animals Word Search
Bunnies Jigsaw Puzzle
Electing a President
Labeling a Map
Grid Map
What is a Map?
Around Town
Using a Compass Rose
Compass Rose
MAPS 4 Kids

Music in Motion

 Parent Links

2015-2016 Supply List: Grades 1-5
Second Grade Curriculum