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Kindergarten opens the door to the child's formal education.  It builds the foundation for future learning experiences.  
Our major objectives are for the children to:
  • gain confidence in the school setting
  • establish friendships and learn to work and play together
  • develop an understanding of school rules and procedures
  • be exposed to materials and concepts in a variety of subjects, and master basic skills
Children in kindergarten learn through hands-on, active experience.  The emphasis is on the process of learning, rather than the specific end products.  Each day is shaped by a balance of teacher-directed activities and those which result from the needs, interests and prior experiences of the children.  Subject areas are integrated throughout the school day and with a thematic approach.  

Although the daily schedule varies in each classroom, a general schedule of kindergarten activities include:
  • Opening/music and movement/sharing
  • Literacy-reading, writing and speaking
  • Learning centers- social skills 
  • Math/science/social studies
Kindergarten Supplies
Kindergarten supplies are purchased for all students through the Southview PTO.  Parents are asked to pay for supplies in the fall and the supplies will be distributed to students by their classroom teacher when school begins. 

 Student Links
Language Arts:                        
PBS Kids                                   
Picture Match                           
Paw Park                                  
ABC Match                                
Super Why                                
Letter Magnets                          

Foss Science           
Sign in as guest                  

Dress the Snowman
Dress the SnowmanMath:
K/1 Math Resources
More Counting
Sheppard Math
Kidport Kindergarten Math
Number Time
HSP Math
Math Learning Center Apps

Indoor Movement:

Music in Motion

 Parent Links

Kindergarten Curriculum