First Grade

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Toothless smiles and untied shoelaces best describe first grade.  It is a year of amazing growth!  First graders are excited about any and all learning.  They are so anxious to be like "the big kids" that they even ask for homework!  As they adjust to all-day school, instead of asking "Is it time to go home yet?"  they exclaim, "Is it already time to go home?"

Throughout the year we piece together the reading and writing puzzle to create a literate community.  Students show much pride as they figure how to read and write.  Numbers and math words are also a regular part of each day.   Students learn how to do mental math through games and learning materials.  

First graders begin the year being very dependent on their teachers.  As the year progresses, they are able to move throughout the room, choose their own activities and work with learning materials more independently.  By June, the students have grown into more confident learners, ready to move on to second grade.  

First grade highlights throughout the year include a daily read at home program that begins in the fall and continues until May.  First graders and parents share a special gingerbread house making afternoon in December.  Students typically go on two field trips during the school year, often a play and the Minnesota Zoo.  

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