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Discipline Policy

All Students in the Rosemount/Apple Valley/Eagan School District (District 196) are expected to follow the behavior guidelines in the Student Rights & Responsibilities Handbook mailed to each student's family in August.

The emphasis of the Southview discipline policy is on clear expectations, teaching children the behaviors that are expected and focusing on positive behaviors.  Our discipline policy is based on the following rules which are enforced throughout the building by all staff:

The Southview Way
Be Respectful
Be Safe
Be Responsible

Staff members spend time throughout the year teaching students what behaviors are expected.  Positive behavior is encouraged with rewards and recognition.  When problems do occur, the classroom teacher will work with the student to resolve the problem.  If the behavior continues, the teacher will notify the parent.  The student may also be removed from the situation or lose privileges.  Instances of severe, prolonged, or frequent misbehavior will be referred to the office.  Consequences for serious inappropriate behavior are dictated by Independent School District 196 policy which can be accessed using the link below.