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Participation Guidelines

Project Explore promotes inclusion of adults with 

developmental, sensory, cognitive and physical 

disabilities in a variety of Community Education 

programs and makes reasonable accommodations to 

provide an enriching experience for all participants. Your 

cooperation in following the guidelines listed below helps 

to make the classes and trips run smoothly and safely.

  1. Pre-registration is required for all classes, activities and trips. Walk-ins will be accepted for dances, but prepayment and reservations are very much appreciated.
  2. Participants must be accompanied to the classroom. The instructor/facilitator is in the classroom no earlier than 
    30 minutes before class starts. Please return to pick up unattended participants 15 minutes prior to the end of class.
  3. Participants who require personal assistance for physical and/or behavioral issues must be accompanied and supervised for all activities and special events.  
  4.  All participants must be accompanied on all field trips, unless they are their own guardian. To arrange for a volunteer or discuss further options call the program office.
  5. Any participant with an active seizure disorder must be accompanied and supervised in classes and field trips by a staff/care giver.
  6. All Project Explore programs are school sponsored, so there is no smoking on the school grounds.  All programs are alcohol-free.
  7. Transportation to and from all activities is the responsibility of the participant.  (Unless a bus is provide.)
  8. Instructors are not expected to, nor are trained to provide the level of assistance often required by people with disabilities.  Instructors are not familiar with all the personal, physical, or behavioral needs of the participants.
  9. Any individuals attending classes, activities, or dances not requiring assistance that come on their own are asked to carry emergency contact information on their person.
  10. If you do not wish for the image and likeness of you to be used for District 196's promotional materials and publications, contact Communications Department at communityed@district196.org or call 651-423-7701.

If unable to meet these guidelines please call Derek at

the program office to discuss further options:  651-423-


(voice) or 651-423-7929 (TTY)