Red Pine Speech Teachers

 Stephanie Helgerson
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 Denise Vonasek 
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 Melissa Worm 
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Red Pine speech teachers provide services to students who have significant needs in the area of Communication. Approximately 22.5 million Americans, or about 10% of the general population, have a hearing, speech or language disorder.

Communication disorders encompass:

  • Articulation Disorders: difficulty producing speech sounds
  • Language Disorders: difficulty with understanding and expressing thoughts and ideas.
  • Voice Disorders: having an inappropriate pitch/quality of voice
  • Fluency Disorders or Stuttering: Inappropriate repetitions of sounds, words or phrases

In the past, the majority of students received services for articulation. More recently, advances in language research have led to increased identification of language usage difficulties. Good communication skills play a major part in students' success in the classroom. Communication skills allow children to make sense of their world, to express themselves and to learn.

Please contact a clinician at Red Pine with any questions you may have regarding your child's speech and language skills.