Red Pine Site Council
Meeting Dates:

September 8

October 6

November 10

December 8

January 5

March 9

April 6

May 18

The purpose of the Red Pine Site Council is to advise the principal and make decisions that will be in the best interest of the Red Pine students. Representatives are elected to the council in the spring and serve a two-year term. The council meets monthly to make decisions regarding the school's budget and other school matters. Members consists of the school principal, four staff members, and four parents whose children attend Red Pine Elementary School. Please see the school calendar for specific dates and times of meetings.

2016 - 2017 Site Council Members:

Any Bailey – Parent

Tracey Caffrey – Parent

Jennifer Grausnick – Parent

Stacey Sayre – Parent

Toni Rathman

Laurie Herman

Shauna Joas

Nicole Monssen

Denise Vonasek

Drew Goeldner